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Amanda's watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, Andrea's rewatching it for the umpteenth time, hilarity is sure to ensue.
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Sep 15, 2015

Ugh, well at least it's over with now, one of the worst eps of Buffy, Bad Eggs, is done and dusted. As per usual with bad eps, this podcast's a little longer than usual.

Amanda starts out trying to defend the episode, but it doesn't take long for Andrea to bring her over to her way of thinking - that this episode is terrible, and (very unusual for Buffy stand-alones) has no point or moral. Or if there is, it's very poorly executed.

We also feature a fan-edit of our theme song by fan and friend Peter, and talk generally about how much we love our fans, and how knowledgeable they are about so many things!

Sep 8, 2015

It's Ted time on Tiny Fences. We start off the episode a little dark, but transition to lighter fare with a musical number!

The ladies talk about parenting, domestic violence, loneliness, and Buffy's questionable journaling style. They also get into a little chat about the rules for superpowered people, and Andrea wants everyone to read Marvel's Civil War event. Amanda also waxes poetic about Christophe Beck and his fantastic score.

Sep 1, 2015

Time to wrap up Career Week with a BANG! 

The girls discuss, yet again, what makes Buffy unique as a Slayer, especially her ability to outsource things to the Scoobies. 

Amanda's enamoured with Coriander and Andrea talks about some animal cracker love, and how Alyson Hannigan's TV relationships give her potentially unrealistic #relationshipgoals. 

Aug 25, 2015

It's the first big two-parter of season 2 and is there ever a lot to discuss! Kendra! The Order of Taraka! Career Week!

Amanda and Andrea take a career test to see what they should've done with their lives (hint: neither of them got podcaster). Amanda also gets to talk about the big shocker of the episode, THERE'S ANOTHER SLAYER! (who has a terrible accent, and questionable fashion choices) And, unsurprisingly, Andrea gets derailed again by talking about her love of Oz. 

Aug 18, 2015

Andrea and Amanda welcome guest Julia as they delve into Giles' past and discuss episode 208, The Dark Age.

Looking into Giles' history with Ethan and Eyghon gives A&A some insight into why Giles is the way he is with Buffy. 

The ladies also get in a game of anywhere but here, have a brief Hogwarts tangent and debate which word is better: aerobicize or calisthenics.


Aug 10, 2015

LIES! That's what episode 207 is all about. Andrea and Amanda welcome their first Skype guest, Tom from Toronto. 

Amanda gives her first impressions of Ford, Andrea talks about one her favourite scenes in all of Buffy, and Tom talks about how early 20s Tom loved the melodrama of this episode. 


Jul 30, 2015

The first Halloween episode! Andrea and Amanda welcome back John to chat about how amazing this episode. 

It's a extra-long one and that's because there's so much to talk about! Favourite costumes, how strong Willow is in this ep, how much Andrea loves Oz, how cute Willow and Oz are even though they haven't really met yet... And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Jul 27, 2015

Admittedly not one of the greatest episodes in season two, but that doesn't mean Andrea and Amanda don't have lots to talk about! 

We've got some seriously overt morals, and tips for picking up boys with Cordelia; complete with fake laugh, Andrea's is decidedly evil, while Amanda's is much more flirty.

Amanda launches the ladies into an interesting discussion about why the bad decisions were made in this episode, and Andrea has some casting theories for Firefly. (it involves punches to the face)

Jul 20, 2015

It's finally Oz time on Buffy! Andrea celebrates the arrival of her favourite character, while Amanda mourns the death of her ship, yes, Xillow is done. :(

Amanda and Andrea have different, but complementary, ideas of what the 'theme' of this episode is. This leads them off on to some very different, but very interesting tangents. 

Jul 13, 2015

SPIKE'S HERE! That's right folks, we've finally made it to 2x03! This week we welcome our first return guest, Sam, and we also have our good friend Gian on for the introduction of Spike!

We've also updated our theme song, find out that Amanda thought Spike was going to be a good guy, and have maybe figured out why Andrea has issues with people constantly bringing up the fire.

Due to popular demand, Amanda's elegies are back! AND she's created the most AMAZING shout out song EVER!

Jul 6, 2015

Amanda and Andrea welcome Carolyn and Vanessa from Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast for episode 2x02, Some Assembly Required!

The girls discuss science fairs, how Frankenstein just always wants a girlfriend, and how the Scoobies are finally getting interpersonal on us - well, except for Xillow of course! (much to Amanda's despair)

Jun 30, 2015

We’re back for season two! (and it’s a LONG one!)

We delve into the themes of friendship and dealing with trauma for 2x01. Amanda tests Andrea’s movie knowledge, and Andrea debuts a new jingle for Amanda’s predictions.

While Amanda's Xillow is in an interesting place, she's finally coming around to Andrea's views on the Buffy and Angel relationship.

  The ladies also get into a deep discussion about musical scores, Christophe Beck and how Buffy’s strong use of music set it apart from ‘regular’ shows.

Plus a WHOLE bunch of extra IS an extra long episode after all!

Jun 23, 2015

Andrea and Amanda discuss Prophecy Girl and season one in general in front of a LIVE audience at Northwest Fan Fest! 

The ladies talk about how great the episode is, and then almost get into a fight when Amanda makes some less than flattering remarks about our heroine!

The drama continues when Amanda conveniently forgets Andrea’s favourite quotes, so Andrea reminds the audience that Amanda hasn’t watched ST:TNG

Will the podcast go on with so much friction?!

 (SPOILER ALERT! Uh, of course!)

Jun 16, 2015

Quantum mechanics and high school outcasts are the name of the game this week on Tiny Fences!

Amanda makes a revelation that makes Andrea question how she’s still alive. Plus the ladies discuss their high school experiences, their mutual clumsiness, and whether they believe in ghosts.


There also a bunch of shout outs to our awesome fans, and a fun tangent into our favourite Vancouver geeky debate show, Geeks vs Nerds!

Jun 9, 2015

FEAR! That's what 'Nightmares' is all about, so naturally the ladies discuss the fears of the characters and their own phobias. This episode also has a ton a of new additions to the "Tips from Tiny Fences on what NOT to do in a Horror movie", inlcuding Andrea noticing how Xander would 100% be eaten by a witch in a gingerbread house. 

Amanda has a lot of fun with the soundboard, and may have made her most ridiculous name guess yet. 

Also, randomly, there's an usually large amount of sportstalk for a pop culture podcast this time around. *shrug*

Jun 2, 2015

Dummies, Snyder and Oedipus, OH MY! It must be time for Amanda and Andrea to dive into an episode that divides the Buffy fandom, 'The Puppet Show'!

Amanda meets Principal Snyder for the first time, and Andrea talks about her soft spot for the campy horror in this episode, along with it's many awesome words (mostly courtesy of Giles). The ladies also improv a song about hygiene, and chat about their shared taste in movies & TV shows. Amanda gets Andrea to talk about her time working in the Vancouver film industry and how it helps her appreciate the things she watches a little bit more. 

May 26, 2015

TECHNOLOGY! This episode is pretty terrible, but makes the ladies nostalgic for a more innocent technological time, with dial-up modems, giant clunky laptops and demons put in books by irresponsible monks.

Amanda sees her Xillow ship sinking, and jumps on board a new one. Andrea wonders what the school's policy on death and grieving is - if there even is one. After Andrea let slip her history with TV show drinking games, the ladies make a few rules for a Tiny Fences drinking game.

May 19, 2015

Ep 107: So many incorrect predictions, so many shiny shirts and SO many Catholic school girl outfits. 

That's right, this week Amanda finally learns the truth about Angel, and that her many predictions were wildly off-base! She also makes far too many Twilight references for Andrea's liking, who also accidentally let's Buffy's mom's name slip.


May 12, 2015

This week Amanda & Andrea welcome their first guest to the podcast, friend and fellow Buffy fan, Sam Reeves! 

It begins with what might be Buffy's WORST outfit ever, and ends with more horror movie mistakes 101, and in between the ladies chat about what makes this episode oddly memorable; which includes dodgeball, significant looks, and Xander being a jerk. Andrea continues to lament about how confusing the Bronze is to her, Sam's agrees that an empty library is odd, and Amanda gives an elegy to Principal Flutie.

We're also reminded, yet again, that Amanda is the Jon Snow of pop culture - she knows nothing. 

May 5, 2015

We have new theme song! And we dare you not to get it stuck in your head!

This week A&A up their 90s fashion police game, and can't help but notice that everyone upped their sassiness levels for 1x05. Andrea uses science-magic to answer Amanda's questions, and Amanda breaks Andrea a little with her name guesses.

Also, if you listen carefully, you may hear a whisper from the Shadowy Figure!

Apr 28, 2015

This week on Tiny Fences, Amanda & Andrea discuss questionable monsters of the week, boys being dumb, and the ridiculous names happening in episode 1x04: Teacher's Pet.

PLUS! There's a very exciting announcement at the end of the podcast! 

Apr 21, 2015

Mmm! Juice! Amanda and Andrea love Buffy's love of juice in this week's instalment. It's all about witches, and mother-daughter relationships in this episode! Andrea's also super excited that Amanda's finally starting to learn to love Giles...even if her favourite quote's still from Willow.  

Also, your ears won't believe it when they hear the vast improvement in sound quality this time round, thanks to our Shadowy Figure! 

Apr 14, 2015

The ladies watch the second half of the premiere two-parter. Amanda wonders what could possibly happen in the series, now that they've already averted the apocalypse? Andrea brings in some Joss Whedon trivia and has issues with Buffy's impossible fence-jumping skills.


Apr 7, 2015

Amanda and Andrea discuss the series premiere of Buffy, 'Welcome to the Hellmouth'. Amanda instantly falls in love with Willow and Xander, and Andrea reminisces about those early days of Buffy. 


Apr 7, 2015

Welcome to our new podcast about an old show! Andrea talks about how much she loves Buffy, and how much she's looking forward to rewatching it. Amanda tells us why she never watched it as a kid (hint: it involves witches) and sets out some of her predictions for the series (while Andrea does her best not to give anything away)

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