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Amanda's watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, Andrea's rewatching it for the umpteenth time, hilarity is sure to ensue.
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Aug 30, 2016

Faith's back! And so is one of our favourite guests, John! 

We have a lot of discussion about Faith, and how her actions are dictated by her upbringing, her feelings about Buffy, and not being the Slayer.

We also detour into how Xander and Willow seem to revert to high school versions of themselves at the mention of Faith.

Andrea can't help but note that even though Adam's the supposed big bad, he's dropped the second Faith's back in the picture. Everyone also reminisces about how much they miss the Mayor

Aug 24, 2016

After break from recording Amanda and Andrea are back with a long(ish) episode to discuss "Goodbye Iowa"

Be forewarned, Riley haters there's a lot of praise heaped on Marc Blucas' performance in this episode. There's also a fair amount of Andrea being frustrated with Amanda's devil's advocacy for Forrest and Adam.

Aug 16, 2016

"Wellll, that escalated quickly" That's how Amanda and Andrea feel about today's episode. 

The ladies get into a conversation of science vs magic and skepticism vs faith and how those two 'extremes' are represented in the Scoobies and the Initiative.

Aug 9, 2016

We welcome back Julia to round out the 'Ethan episodes' and discover that the theme of this episode is "Poor Giles!" (we say it MANY times)
Also, it's Buffy's birthday, and for the first time in YEARS, she gets to have an actual party where nothing terrible happens to her afterwards, Giles on the other hand...

Aug 2, 2016

In the aftermath of Hush, Buffy and Riley try to sort out their relationship, Spike pokes at Xander and Willow's place in the Scoobies and a *another* apocalypse tries to make itself known in Sunnydale

Please note, there's definitely an awkward moment where it becomes very apparent that Andrea's mouth moves faster than her brain...

Jul 26, 2016

It's time for one of the all-time great episodes of Buffy: "Hush"!

Jul 20, 2016

Ah, Something Blue, when the follies hit Sunnydale. 

We welcome back Alicen as a guest to talk about the ridiculousness that is this episode. We get some sweet Riley/Buffy moments, and some truly sad Willow moments.

Jul 12, 2016

Your eyes aren't deceiving you! It's a Tiny Fences about an episode of Angel. Granted it IS the 'cross-over event' episode, where Buffy comes to L.A. (this is a Buffy podcast after all ;) )
It's an episode all about 'what ifs' for the star-crossed pair. Perhaps the most fun part of this episode is the fact that Amanda and Andrea clearly don't agree on a certain topic, but the discussion never breaks down into an argument.

Jul 5, 2016

Normally Thanksgiving's a time for food, family and fellowship, but this is Sunnydale! Buffy's attempt to put on the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for her friends is interrupted by vengeful spirits, sad vampires, Willow and Giles fighting, and the overwhelming feeling that she's being watched.

Jun 28, 2016

It's time to find out more about those commandos who've been roaming UC Sunnydale! (and Spike's back too!) 


Jun 21, 2016

The time has finally come to say goodbye to Oz. Amanda & Andrea delve into 4x06, Wild at Heart.

The ladies also have to extend "Five Minutes with Angel" to seven minutes for Sense and Sensitivity.

Jun 14, 2016

Ugh. It's time. 'Beer Bad', why are you so awful? Tune in as we try and decipher that very question.


Jun 7, 2016

It's Halloween at UC Sunnydale! What does that mean for the Scoobies? Why, haunted frats, costumes and comedy, of course!


May 31, 2016

We welcome back podcast super-fan Peter Dunn as we also welcome back fan-favourite Spike to Buffy in the "Harsh Light of Day"!

This extra-long podcast is spent talking about the three relationships of the episode, Spike & Harmony, Anya & Xander, and Buffy & Parker, with a little bit of Gem of Amara on the side.

May 24, 2016

Time to talk about Buffy and her "Living Conditions"! 

Amanda and Andrea chat about their roommates past, the amazing amount of comedy in this episode, and how much fun SMG must've had playing a slightly soulless version of the Slayer. 

Andrea commiserates with 401 Buffy and tells about 'the day' she had and Amanda has to watch the end of the episode ON AIR, 'cause she missed it.....oh Amanda.

May 17, 2016

New season! New school! New people! Updated theme song! There's a LOT going on in this episode.

Amanda and Andrea talk about their own university experiences, and how they relate to Buffy's feeling overwhelmed by it all. They also talk travels across Canada and America a la Xander.

Make sure you stay tuned to the end for a new segment following our favourite brooding detective in L.A.

May 10, 2016

It's the end of an era....and a school! We survived high school, but we will survive Graduation Pt 2?!

Amanda and Andrea welcome back Alicen to talk the end of the high school years, sing some songs, read some elegies and some stories.

Bring on season four!

May 3, 2016

It's already season finale time! Amanda and Andrea welcome Alicen for 'Graduation Day Pt. 1'

Get ready for more quotes than Andrea's ever asked for before, some long tangents courtesy of Alicen, and  some overall finale time conversational goodness!

Apr 26, 2016

Hellhounds! Break-ups! Adorable umbrella awards! It must be time for the Sunnydale High Prom! 

Amanda and Andrea welcome guest Lauren as they talk (and laugh) about 'The Prom'. For a supposed 'monster-of-the-week' ep, we spend a whole lot of time NOT talking about the MOW. 

Apr 19, 2016

"What's in the box!" Amanda and Andrea welcome back Julia to discuss "Choices".

It's an episode where it seems like a lot happens, but actually not that much happens. However, there are a lot of decisions to be made, for almost all our characters, whether they like and/or want to make those choices.

Apr 12, 2016

It's Earshot time! Buffy gets a fancy new power that isn't as great as it initially seems.

Amanda and Andrea discuss the usefulness of being able to read minds, and how high school's kind of awful.

Apr 5, 2016

Amanda and Andrea FINALLY welcome the one and only Katherine (that's right, @KatherineIsOdd) to the podcast, to talk "Enemies".

There are more than a few tangents, but when the girls get down to the episode they have lots to say; especially how much they love Faith, enjoy Giles' indignant comments about demons, and the Mayor's fatherly relationship with Faith. (did we mention that we love Faith?)

Mar 29, 2016

We're seeing double! and the return of Craig (aka Andrea's best friend Craig) to the podcast!

It's a Willow-centric episode, and I think anyone who's listened to the podcast knows how Amanda feels about this. For the first time in a while Andrea has some STRONG feelings about fashion. (that aren't overall related!)

Mar 22, 2016

It's time to take some responsibility for actions...unless your name is Faith, 'cause then it's time to repress and act out! 

Amanda and Andrea have a great discussion about this excellent episode, full of strong character development and wonderful performances especially from SMG and Eliza Dushku (she's the real stand-out in the episode)

There's also an odd running Marvel theme...not sure where that came from ;)

Mar 15, 2016

"Is he evil?" There's a new Watcher in town and the Scoobies are NOT having any of it, Giles included.

Faith and Buffy band together to rebel against their new Watcher, with Faith's 'bad girl' persona bringing out Buffy's wilder side in the process. 


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